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Pavement Condition Survey on the R400, R402 and R420 at Mount Lucas, Co. Offaly

A pavement condition survey on sections of the R400, R402 and R420 at Mount Lucas Co. Offaly was carried out by PMS Pavement Management Services Ltd. on behalf of Bord na Móna as part of the Mountlucas Windfarm works. The surveys comprised a combination of RSP (Road Surface Profiler) survey and visual condition survey of the network. The sections of road were surveyed both before and after the construction works. The Before survey was carried out on 18th January 2012 and the results were reported on 2nd February 2012. The After survey was carried out on 17th June 2014 and the results were reported on 23rd July 2014. We understand that some sections or stretches of sections received overlay or maintenance works following the before condition survey or during the construction period.

 The Before and After surveys comprised surveying 45 lane-kilometres of two-lane Regional roads. Each section was surveyed continuously in both directions using the RSP vehicle. The survey parameters collected comprised:

· Forward View Digital Video;

· IRI (International Roughness Index);

· Rut Depth, and

· VPCI (Pavement Condition Index) from the Digital Video.

Each section was subdivided into sample units of 100 metres in length, and the condition data (Video, IRI, Rut Depth and VPCI) was measured and reported on every sample unit for both the Before and After surveys. The data collected was referenced to both linear chainage and to GPS coordinate systems.

From an overall viewpoint, the two surveys indicate that the condition of the R400, R402 and R420 have improved or remained relatively unchanged between 2012 and 2014. However, there were segments within each road section where both minor and more significant changes in condition did occur.

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