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Materials Testing

A sister company to PMS Pavement Management Services was established in 1995 to carry out other pavement-related testing. Highway Testing Laboratory Ltd (HT) was originally based on campus at NUI-Galway, and has recently moved to much larger premises in Oranmore, Co. Galway.


HT is involved in complementary areas to those of PMS Pavement Management Services. It offers a full suite of laboratory material testing on granular, bituminous and cementitious materials to local authorities, material suppliers and contractors. It also offers a comprehensive on-site testing programme for pavement materials, and has carried out QA/QC programmes for Aer Rianta, local authority project staff and specialised surfacing contractors. Mix design of existing materials, and research and development testing for new and innovative materials, have also been carried out for a number of material suppliers.


Unbound Granular Materials


Hot Bituminous Materials




Cold Bituminous Materials

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