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Portable Road Survey System

PMS were contracted by APTECH in the United States to conduct data collection and road surveying using an LCMS system. In order to effectively transport the LCMS system overseas and to avoid large costs of transportation of vehicles, a system was designed and built which would be compact and easier to transport. The requirements for the system were that it be:

Portable –The system should be easily mounted/demounted, packed and shipped.

Flexible -The system should be usable with almost all vans.

System integration was carried out in-house by PMS. The system was built and tested in Q3 of 2013 and deployed in the US in Q1 of 2014. The system was made modular in order to fit any van specifications given when renting or being supplied with a van overseas.

System Components:

  • 1 x LCMS System (2 x Lasers, Power Supply, Controller)

  • 4 No. 3 MP Cameras – AVT Prosilica GT 1920c

  • 1 X Pos-LV 220E INS

  • 1 High Resolution (10,000 ppr) Shaft Encoder

  • Triggering System

  • Control and Logging PCS for all components

  • Mounting Frame

System Outputs:

  • Forward and rear facing imagery

  • Downward range and intensity imagery

  • International Roughness Index

  • Rut Depth

  • Pavement Distress Detection

The Pilot Scheme comprised of 2000km of interstate, state highway and county class haul roads associated with the construction of an oil pipeline extension. Data delivery included high resolution forward, rear and downward imagery, IRI, rut depth and crack detection.

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