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PMS utilises the LTL-M mobile reflectometer. LTL-M measures all types of road markings at a simulated distance of 30 m with the highest level of accuracy. LTL-M is used mounted on a vehicle measuring retroreflection at traffic speed, providing full overview of the condition of the road markings. The instrument operates with an accuracy of typically +/- 5 % and a repeatability of typically of +/- 3 %, which is in line with DELTA’s hand-held retroreflectometers LTL-2000, LTL-X Mark II, and LTL-XL. LTL-M is a robust, reliable and advanced instrument designed for professionals using modern digital camera and illumination technology and data presentation in real time.

This technology results in high measurement accuracy independent of changes in the geometry of the system caused by vehicle bouncing during driving.

The LTL-M system consists of three parts:

  • The sensor unit mounted on the outsite of the vehicle contaning camera and flash system · The real time processor placed inside the vehicle

  • The GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Tablet PC placed next to the driver

The LTL-M features in brief:

  • Provides continuous measurements of full width and length of markings at traffic speed  

  • Digital camera and real-time image processing  

  • Measures RL under dry conditions

  • Measures 1x1 m/3x3 feet pr picture, 25 picture per sec.

  • Accuracy in line with hand-held retroreflectometers

  • Measures daylight contrast

  • Measures plane and profiled markings up to 25 mm/1 inch

  • Shows and stores day and time

  • Records road studs (RRPMs)

  • Records line width

  • Provides average values between 1 m/3 feet and indefinite

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