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SCRIM® Equipment - Measuring Skid Resistance

The SCRIM® (Sideway-Force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine) is a surface friction tester which is used world-wide to accurately measure wet-road skidding resistance.


The SCRIM® machine operates by applying a freely rotating fifth wheel, at an angle of 20o to the direction of travel, on to the road surface under a known load. A controlled jet of water wets the road surface directly in front of the test wheel. The vertical load and the sideway force generated by the frictional resistance to skidding of the test wheel are measured using transducers. The output is used to calculate the Sideway Force Coefficient (SFC) value. The SCRIM® survey vehicle normally operates at 50km/hr with continuous measurement of the SFC value.

SCRIM® Equipment for Roads

The SCRIM® skid resistance survey vehicle is used to:

  • Measure the skid resistance over extensive stretches of a road network.

  • Identify areas of poor surface friction on road networks.

  • Make informed decisions for maintenance priorities.

  • Test road accident locations.



"The SCRIM® survey vehicle is ideal for Road Network Skidding Resistance Surveys. Typically 150-180 lane-kilometres per day can be surveyed."


SCRIM® Equipment and Local Authorities


The SCRIM® equipment is of particular use to local authorities for the following:

  • Identifying areas of poor skidding resistance on road networks.

  • Checking for compliance with friction standards.

  • Measuring skid resistance after surface restoration or road reconstruction.

  • Assessing the skid resistance of a contractor's work.

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