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Site Testing Options

The quality, condition and performance of pavements and pavement materials can be assessed in-situ using a range of site tests.


Quality control measures including laying records, sampling of materials and compaction control are an essential part of a paving contract. The level of compaction and in-situ strength of construction materials can be assessed using such methods as the sand replacement test, nuclear density gauge, plate bearing test and deflection measurement.


The application of coated chippings to an asphalt surface is controlled by measuring the rate of spread of chippings, and the texture depth achieved is assessed using the volumetric patch test.


For existing pavements, layer thicknesses and in-situ strength can be assessed using the dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) without the need for trial holes. The skidding resistance of a pavement surface can be measured using the TRRL portable skid resistance tester.

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